I just got a very strange, ah, email. It was from an Anthony Mapologist… Dr J.R Schmeckleton? He said he’d read my blog about Great Uncle Yellow and says he knows more about the M&M’S® Lost Tribe! This is beginning to be, umm… like.. Umm I don’t know the word. But I’m feeling a little excited inside my nut.

Anyway, here's what the Anthony Mpologist wrote.. imagine if the M&M’S® Lost Tribe actually exist!

Subject: Your Great Uncle Methusius Yellow.

G’day Yellow,

I’ve been looking forward to the day I get to speak to a REAL YELLOW! I read your blog post about your Great Uncle Methusius Yellow. Great stuff, mate.

Hey, listen Yellow – you have to give me a bell, because I have a stack of priceless artefacts that your Great Uncle Methusius Yellow collected on his famous expedition to the Lost Island in search of the M&M’S® Lost Tribe.

I’d be happy to take you through my collection, mate.

Righto - catch ya later,

Dr. JR Schmeckleton


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