Bring your M&M's to life

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Wanna let Red, Yellow and the rest of the gang out of the bag and into your house? (They'll wipe their feet on the mat before walking over your tablecloth, we promise.)

New M&M'S® Action Packs bring the M&M'S® characters to life in full 3D right before your eyes.

Download the M&M'S® Action Pack app on your iPhone or Android phone and point it at the specially marked medium or jumbo packs of M&M'S® to start the fun. Using a little something called 'Augmented Reality' you’ll be able to poke and swipe to interact with the M&M'S® characters, or just sit back and watch what they get up to.

There will be a new video story to play with every week for 10 weeks. That's 10 to collect!

Download the M&M'S® Action app from the App Store or Google Play now. Red and Yellow can't wait to burst out of the bag and into your home. Just don't let your cat anywhere near Crispy. 

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