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M&M’S® are kicking-off!

Foosball -table

Score an exclusive soccer tour of London for you and a friend including tickets to an English Premier League game and a VIP experience at M&M’S® World. You could also have the chance to win a M&M’S® foosball table! Simply buy two packs of M&M’S® from Woolworths in one transaction and enter today with your receipt number.

Open to AUST residents 13 years or older. Single prize pool. Entry closes at 5pm Sydney time on 20/07/2014.

Click here for details.

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Congratulations to Mark Coe, Zaheed Majumder and Danielle Glazzard who have won an M&M'S Foosball table on the M&M'S Australia Facebook page.

Thanks to everyone who entered. If you've still got your eye on an M&M'S Foosball table, you could enter to win one here. There's also an exclusive soccer tour of London including tickets to an English Premier League game and a VIP experience at M&M'S® World up for grabs.

Find the M&M'S® for your chance to win!


Breaking news: The M&M'S® are on the run! If seen, approach with caution - the pair are criminally delicious. Help the police find the fugitives and you could land a $50,000 cash reward or a pair of M&M'S® sunglasses. Buy a specially marked pack of M&M's® to enter today.

Open to eligible AUST & NZ residents 13 years or older. Single prize pool. Entry closes at 5pm Sydney time on 01/06/2014.
Click here for details.

Have you heard of this thing called Facebook?

It's not a book with a face on it, it's a cool way for me, Red, Blue, Miss Green and Crispy to talk to our fans. I think I'm addicted. But I'm not as bad as Red, he just took his 437th 'selfie' and Miss Green is checking-in at every shop she visits.

Come and have fun with us on the M&M'S Australia Facebook page. Write a comment on our wall! It makes me feel loved. 

Bring your M&M's to life

Ar _poster

Wanna let Red, Yellow and the rest of the gang out of the bag and into your house? (They'll wipe their feet on the mat before walking over your tablecloth, we promise.)

New M&M's® Action Packs bring the M&M's® characters to life in full 3D right before your eyes.

Download the M&M's® Action Pack app on your iPhone or Android phone and point it at the specially marked medium or jumbo packs of M&M's® to start the fun. Using a little something called 'Augmented Reality' you’ll be able to poke and swipe to interact with the M&M's® characters, or just sit back and watch what they get up to.

There will be a new video story to play with every week for 10 weeks. That's 10 to collect!

Download the M&M's® Action app from the App Store or Google Play now. Red and Yellow can't wait to burst out of the bag and into your home. Just don't let your cat anywhere near Crispy. 

Competition closed


Entries have now closed for the ‘Search for the Lost Tribe’ competition.

The three lucky major prize winners will be announced shortly. Good luck!


Home at last!

Journal _half _v1

We’re all home safe now. Red eventually went and signed the customs forms for Crispy at the airport. He keeps muttering about being licked by sniffer dogs.

I feel like this whole Lost Tribes thing has been a really good bonding experience for us all. I’m happy that I followed in my Great Uncle Methusius’ footsteps and tracked down my ancestors, but they weren’t the nicest ancestors (as you probably remember they tried to eat us). Not very ancestor-y of them. Anyway, I don’t feel like a piece of my family puzzle is missing anymore. I’ve always got my ace friends: Red, Miss Green, Blue and Crispy.

OK, gotta run! Red wants me to organise his CD collection by colour. Yesterday it was by starting letter. Fun game!

Catch ya,




I’m stuck at the airport in customs! HELP ME!

No one told me you’re not allowed to bring food from overseas back into the country! Three different dogs have sniffed me and I’ve been asked the same questions fifty times! Now this guy is holding a beeping stick near me... OH FOR CHOCOLATE’S SAKE, someone come and get me outta here. HURRY!!! I don’t need another dog putting his wet, germy nose up against me.


We've Escaped!!!

MM_hang _glider V2

Great News EVERYONE!

We’ve escaped from the Lost Tribe. Now, to be honest, I’m going to take some responsibility for getting us into this mess. Red says I’m totally responsible, but, yeah, we’re all safe now. And, as Miss Green pointed out, we’ve all got a great story to tell now (and, for some, a great tan).

So we’ve been taken by the wind on this weird hand glider thing made of bamboo and palm leaves. Who knew Red was so good with a hammer… Crispy mentioned something about a nightmare he once had with Red and a hammer, but that’s a different story. Gotta go, my turn to keep on the lookout for incoming birds. I got one stuck in my eye yesterday. Anyhow that’s another story in itself.



Well this is just typical. Men! Really? You just can’t rely on them...