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M&M’S® are kicking-off!

Foosball -table

Score an exclusive soccer tour of London for you and a friend including tickets to an English Premier League game and a VIP experience at M&M’S® World. You could also have the chance to win a M&M’S® foosball table! Simply buy two packs of M&M’S® from Woolworths in one transaction and enter today with your receipt number.

Open to AUST residents 13 years or older. Single prize pool. Entry closes at 5pm Sydney time on 20/07/2014.

Click here for details.

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Capture my good side at least!

To be quite honest with you, I’m flattered these little guys want to eat me. Really I am, but seriously...  this statue they’ve made in my honour really needs some work. I mean, I look all, how do you say… wooden?

We're cooked!

SPORTSFANS! This is all wrong. Take a look at this video, I mean… we’re cooked. Goners. Bingo. Outta Here. Mince meat. Salad sandwich. Whatever you want to call it, we’re goners. Someone, call my chauffeur!! I need to get out of here! STAT!

Stuck in a cave with a chocolate with no name.

Hey Sports fans,

Thought I should probably send you an update after Crispy and I were stuck in that cave. I mean, once he stopped shaking (6 hours later) it was ok. We sat by the fire, discussed some breathing techniques I learnt in the mountains of Nepal, and everything was ok. But, and I do say ‘but’, he makes a point… what was that crazy little fellow doing in the cave with us?

Anyhow, I promised him I’d find out… you know, ‘cos I’m the pack leader and all. I’ll let you know when I get to the bottom of it.

Stay cool,

They could really use a vac round here!

Hey Sports fans,

Now I don’t want to be rude about our hosts, but these people are absolutely, well, TRIBAL! To be honest, I think they could spend a little more time cleaning their huts. And their food! Miss Green went a little greener just looking at her dinner! Really, I imagined a better class of M&M. I’m going to call my agent to complain. Will let you know how I go.



Worst. Service. Ever!

Hey Fans,

I hate to vent like this, but arghhhhh! Our long lost ancestors, the M&M’s®Lost Tribe, were supposedly heating up the Jacuzzi for us, and so, you know, naturally I thought I’d get myself a lemonade with one of those little umbrellas? You know the ones. Anyhow, 30 minutes later and there was NO LEMONADE! Sheesh, how hard can it be to get a drink and a shvitz at the same time? I give this island 2/5 stars.

Sorry to vent again,

Yours, Blue.

Do They Know Who I AM?

Hey Friends,

So it turns out our ancestors, the ones Yellow’s been looking for, tied us up! At first I thought it was maybe because of my room service bill, but then I realised there wasn’t even a mini-fridge in my hut. I think it was all just a misunderstanding...

Welcome to the M&M'S Blog!

Well heeeellooooo folks. As you probably know, I’m full of brilliant ideas. And this blog is just one them. (I got other ideas, but they’re with my patent attorney and I can’t talk about ‘em here). So anyway, I had my people talk to Red’s people and his people talked to Miss Green’s people and what you’re reading is the result all those other people talking. Welcome to the M&M’S® Blog.

State of Origin M&M's buckets

Bluesvsmarrons _blog -edit

It’s the Blues’ year this year, sportsfans. The Maroons don’t stand a chance. I’ve heard it from my agent, my manager and all my chums from various sporting teams I’ve dominated in over the years.

I’ve got to tell you about the Limited Edition State of Origin M&M’s® buckets. You can find them in Coles, Woolworths and Metcash stores in NSW and QLD for a limited time.

Are you a Blues-man like me? Or will you be cheering for the Maroons? Either way, there’s a bucket of M&M’s® full of your team’s colours.