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M&M’S® are kicking-off!

Foosball -table

Score an exclusive soccer tour of London for you and a friend including tickets to an English Premier League game and a VIP experience at M&M’S® World. You could also have the chance to win a M&M’S® foosball table! Simply buy two packs of M&M’S® from Woolworths in one transaction and enter today with your receipt number.

Open to AUST residents 13 years or older. Single prize pool. Entry closes at 5pm Sydney time on 20/07/2014.

Click here for details.

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I’m stuck at the airport in customs! HELP ME!

No one told me you’re not allowed to bring food from overseas back into the country! Three different dogs have sniffed me and I’ve been asked the same questions fifty times! Now this guy is holding a beeping stick near me... OH FOR CHOCOLATE’S SAKE, someone come and get me outta here. HURRY!!! I don’t need another dog putting his wet, germy nose up against me.


Oh, the humanity!

I’m a wreck! What are they going to do to me! Oh, please please please. How am I going to escape? HEEEEEEEELPPPPPPPPP! I’m too young to be licked and partially eaten!

They're going to eat me!

The tribe has locked me in a hut with Blue. It’s like a cell. I’m like a man waiting for the bell to toll – only I’m not a man, I’m one of the M&M’s®. I don’t want to be eaten! That’s what they’re planning, you know. I know I’m delicious, but being eaten by another one of the M&M’s®… it’s unheard of. (Ahhh, Blue keeps slapping me and telling to me snap out of it. I think he’s enjoying this.) Oh, I don’t want to be on the most endangered list. Somebody, please help. I’m doomed to be lunch! And I don’t want to be extinct… that sounds like I’m smelly!

Yours in terror,


This was not in my contract!

Umm, Hey,

You’ll never believe what happened today. It’s unbelievable, that’s why you won’t believe it. So there I am, minding my own business and wondering why spiders have eight legs when they probably only need six, when some nut (sorry Yellow) freaked me out! He was putting pepper on me like I was a cracker and dip! WAIT! They think I’m a cracker and dip!!? Well, maybe not that, but they think I’m food!

Oh no, think, Crispy, think! I’ve got to go roll around in garlic. That works as a deterrent, right?

Gotta run,

This Holiday could be the death of me, literally

Ohhhhhhh boy. This expedition to find this crazy bunch of tribal M&M’S® is not going to end well. I can just feel it. We’re all going to die. We’ll be eaten, I know it. But when I tell the others my thoughts, they just laugh and tell me I’m paranoid. I know that! I don’t need to be told that! But I can’t stay here by myself. So I’ve decided. I’m gonna go.

Ohhhhh no.