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M&M’S® are kicking-off!

Foosball -table

Score an exclusive soccer tour of London for you and a friend including tickets to an English Premier League game and a VIP experience at M&M’S® World. You could also have the chance to win a M&M’S® foosball table! Simply buy two packs of M&M’S® from Woolworths in one transaction and enter today with your receipt number.

Open to AUST residents 13 years or older. Single prize pool. Entry closes at 5pm Sydney time on 20/07/2014.

Click here for details.

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Shrunken Head Red!

I mean, getting eaten by these guys may not be so bad… Lots of the greats haven’t been appreciated in their time… Maybe it’ll just speed up the whole fame thing a little bit. Hmmm it’s got me thinking at least. More than I can say for Yellow. He’s probably just thinking about his shrunken nut. Pfft. 

And it all started out so well...

Hey dudes, don’t get me wrong, after they untied us, I started liking it here. The weather was bearable, Blue and Green spent the whole day sunbaking and didn’t bother me.

But boy, our ancestors are they nasty little guys. They’re all painted up with spears and sharp teeth and incredibly bad manners. Even today, Yellow and I were in a cave (don’t ask) and one of the little creeps snuck up on us! I mean, the absolute nerve of these guys. To think we’re even related makes me crazy!

Also, if I’m going to be frank, I think they look more hungry, than friendly. But we’ll see.

Red, over and out.

Sometimes, Yellow M&M’S stupidity pays off!

Ah life’s great ain’t it?

When Yellow M&M’S® found out he had some explorer great uncle, I thought, who cares! But now the big Yellow lug is taking us all to meet this mythical tribe of Lost M&M’S®. (He actually believes they exist. As if. Ha!)

Anyway, he’s taking us to New York City to help him re-trace the steps of his great uncle...