Welcome to the M&M'S Blog!

Well heeeellooooo folks. As you probably know, I’m full of brilliant ideas. And this blog is just one them. (I got other ideas, but they’re with my patent attorney and I can’t talk about ‘em here). So anyway, I had my people talk to Red’s people and his people talked to Miss Green’s people and what you’re reading is the result all those other people talking. Welcome to the M&M’S® Blog.

I gotta say, when I floated the idea with the others, everyone (well, nearly everyone) was into it. Miss Green seems to think that people will come here to check out her headshots… Doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!

But our weird little orange friend, Crispy, is a little worried. He seems to think this whole thing may get viruses! Blessss his heart! He can be SUCH a crack up! As for Yellow, He’s gonna use this blog as a place to write about his Great Uncle Yellow! I can barely believe that he can write!

Anyway, a Yellow, writing about another Yellow – it should be a real hoot! HAHA!

Enjoy, my loyal fans,
Blue. x

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