Yellow's got mail... EMAIL!!!

Hey fans!

You WILL NOT believe this! You know how Yellow M&M's® has been doing all this research about his Great Uncle the explorer, Methusius Yellow? Well anyway, this Dr Schmeckleton guy sent him an email to say that he KNOWS ABOUT METHUSIUS YELLOW! EEEEP! It's so exciting. But the best thing is, and wait for it, Dr S invited Yellow M&M's® over to have a look at some of these ancient artefacts from a Lost Tribe of M&M's®! Turns out we may actually have long lost ancestors that no one knew about! WOOOT!

I can't wait to find out if they exist, and better yet, if there are any vintage clothes at Dr S's house. I bet there are!!!

Anywaysss that's all from me for now! Talk Soon.


Miss Green.

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