Sooo where are the artefacts!

Hello friends,

Ummm, ah, as you may know I went to Dr J R Schmeckleton’s house the other day. He told me some great stories about how my Great Uncle Yellow went on an expedition to find his ancestors… that means they’re OUR ANCESTORS!!! Anyway, you won’t believe this but the M&M’S®  Lost Tribe really do exist. I’m sure of it now.

Now this is something you will NOT believe! Dr S gave me some of the long lost M&M’S® Lost Tribe artefacts, I have set an exhibition in the Fracture Gallery in Melbourne’s Federation Square. I’m picking them up again on Saturday, so get down and take a look. They’re awesome!

Check out the pics below!

See ya!


TotemPole crispy-thumb

(Click to enlarge)

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