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My Tribal Family, Here We Come!

I have my Great Uncle Yellow’s map, an airfare and a bunch of good friends. We’re off to meet our ancestors, the M&M’S® Lost Tribe!

We’re on our way to the airport, to fly to the Big Apple, because that’s where Great Uncle Methusius Yellow started his search for the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. From there, we will try and retrace his footsteps to find the Lost Island! It’s soooo exciting.

Crispy’s a little nervous. I had to put him in my backpack. Red is singing ‘Leaving on a jetplane’. Blue is texting his agent, Marty. Miss Green is doing her imaginary hair because she says she always likes to look good for ‘her’ people at the departure lounge.

We’re finally going in search of the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. Yippeeee.

Sometimes, Yellow M&M’S stupidity pays off!

Ah life’s great ain’t it?

When Yellow M&M’S® found out he had some explorer great uncle, I thought, who cares! But now the big Yellow lug is taking us all to meet this mythical tribe of Lost M&M’S®. (He actually believes they exist. As if. Ha!)

Anyway, he’s taking us to New York City to help him re-trace the steps of his great uncle...

Yellow's got mail... EMAIL!!!

Hey fans!

You WILL NOT believe this! You know how Yellow M&M's® has been doing all this research about his Great Uncle the explorer, Methusius Yellow? Well anyway, this Dr Schmeckleton guy sent him an email to say that he KNOWS ABOUT METHUSIUS YELLOW! EEEEP! It's so exciting....


I just got a very strange, ah, email. It was from an Anthony Mapologist… Dr J.R Schmeckleton? He said he’d read my blog about Great Uncle Yellow and says he knows more about the M&M’S® Lost Tribe! This is beginning to be, ummmm… like…. Ummm I don’t know the word. But I’m feeling a little excited inside my nut...

There's more to me than my nut.


Hello people. For a couple of weeks I’ve been on building my family tree. Anyhow, the other day I was on it and I got a message about an ancestor I didn’t know about. His name was Methusius Yellow and it said that he was a famous explorer...