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Hey my boys ‘n’ gals...

These strange little tribal guys might be Yellow’s tribal ancestors, but I’m pretty sure they aren’t mine! And there I was thinking that it would be somehow liberating to get back to nature with my people. Not happening here folks, no, no, no noooo!

These tribal guys might know about war paint and spears, but I’m with Red, they sure don’t know about manners. And they could learn a thing or two about respect as well! Really, after a long trip, the least I expect is a complimentary aperitif and turn down service.

This guy keeeeeeeeeps staring at my shell! Hmpff! RUDE!

Photo _to _use

A not-so-happy Green.

The Mud Here Works Wonders!


Hey Guys!

So I thought I’d write you another blog from paradise!! LOL! I’m having the GREATEST time...

Do They Know Who I AM?

Hey Friends,

So it turns out our ancestors, the ones Yellow’s been looking for, tied us up! At first I thought it was maybe because of my room service bill, but then I realised there wasn’t even a mini-fridge in my hut. I think it was all just a misunderstanding...

My Tribal Family, Here We Come!

I have my Great Uncle Yellow’s map, an airfare and a bunch of good friends. We’re off to meet our ancestors, the M&M’S® Lost Tribe!

We’re on our way to the airport, to fly to the Big Apple, because that’s where Great Uncle Methusius Yellow started his search for the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. From there, we will try and retrace his footsteps to find the Lost Island! It’s soooo exciting.

Crispy’s a little nervous. I had to put him in my backpack. Red is singing ‘Leaving on a jetplane’. Blue is texting his agent, Marty. Miss Green is doing her imaginary hair because she says she always likes to look good for ‘her’ people at the departure lounge.

We’re finally going in search of the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. Yippeeee.

Sometimes, Yellow M&M’S stupidity pays off!

Ah life’s great ain’t it?

When Yellow M&M’S® found out he had some explorer great uncle, I thought, who cares! But now the big Yellow lug is taking us all to meet this mythical tribe of Lost M&M’S®. (He actually believes they exist. As if. Ha!)

Anyway, he’s taking us to New York City to help him re-trace the steps of his great uncle...

Tanning in the Tropics, Care of Yellow

Hey there chickadees, it seems like our adorable dodo, Yellow M&M’S® is absolutely desperate to follow in the footsteps of some uncle he had and visit some wonderful tropical island. But the best part is, he wants to take us all. Who could resist a little tropical time-out? I’m in.

What shoes to take?

This Holiday could be the death of me, literally

Ohhhhhhh boy. This expedition to find this crazy bunch of tribal M&M’S® is not going to end well. I can just feel it. We’re all going to die. We’ll be eaten, I know it. But when I tell the others my thoughts, they just laugh and tell me I’m paranoid. I know that! I don’t need to be told that! But I can’t stay here by myself. So I’ve decided. I’m gonna go.

Ohhhhh no.

I found more M&M’S Lost Tribe stuff

Wow everyone, I have some more big news. I was sent the original map, and journal of Great Uncle Yellow’s expedition to find the Lost Tribe of M&M’S®. I put them here so you can see it too.

It’s so exciting. It makes me want to get a boat and go find the M&M’S® Lost Tribe myself. This map looks pretty good. Um, I’m not very good with boats. And I’m not very good at finding most things, like socks, roads or Miss Green. But I’m pretty sure they’d love to see some more family.

I wonder what they eat?


Uh-Oh. I lost the artefacts

So, ah, well I have some good news and some bad news… The bad news is, I kinda, well, I sorta, well… I lost the M&M’S® Lost Tribe artefacts that Dr Schmeckleton gave me.

Um, I think I left ‘em somewhere, after I packed them up at the Fracture Gallery...

Sooo where are the artefacts!

Hello friends,

Ummm, ah, as you may know I went to Dr J R Schmeckleton’s house the other day. He told me some great stories about how my Great Uncle Yellow went on an expedition to find his ancestors… that means they’re OUR ANCESTORS!!! Anyway, you won’t believe this but the M&M’S®  Lost Tribe really do exist. I’m sure of it now...