What can I say about us that you don't already know? Well, the M&M'S® crew are known around the planet as being the most irresistible, colourful candy coated chocolate. What can I say, we're munchable megastars! So whilst being celebrities is great, it brings its own particular dangers. Like being eaten by a stranger at some gallery opening or something. Not good.

Unfortunately, this delicate balance between being a celebrity and being eaten ain't no new news. People have been trying to chow down on us since we were first created in 1941. I know what you're thinking, I don't look my age, right?

So how did we come to be I hear you ask? Well, our inventor, Forrest Mars happened to see some soldiers eating some weird, hard-shelled chocolate candy during the Spanish Civil War, and thought, "hey nice idea, but bad execution. I can beat that!" And boy did he ever. Since creating the perfect colourful candy - me, M&M'S® have been the official candy of the US space programme and the first candy in orbit. (Not even Buzz Aldrin could pull that one off!) Not bad for a bunch of delicious candies, ha?

So where to now? Well, we're in our prime and greatness beckons. (Except Crispy, he's really at his limits.) So go ahead and bookmark this blog and keep up to date with the next exciting chapter in our lives. Because honestly, our lives are probably far more exciting than yours. Check ya!