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Have you heard of this thing called Facebook?

It's not a book with a face on it, it's a cool way for me, Red, Blue, Miss Green and Crispy to talk to our fans. I think I'm addicted. But I'm not as bad as Red, he just took his 437th 'selfie' and Miss Green is checking-in at every shop she visits.

Come and have fun with us on the M&M'S Australia Facebook page. Write a comment on our wall! It makes me feel loved. 

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Home at last!

Journal _half _v1

We’re all home safe now. Red eventually went and signed the customs forms for Crispy at the airport. He keeps muttering about being licked by sniffer dogs.

I feel like this whole Lost Tribes thing has been a really good bonding experience for us all. I’m happy that I followed in my Great Uncle Methusius’ footsteps and tracked down my ancestors, but they weren’t the nicest ancestors (as you probably remember they tried to eat us). Not very ancestor-y of them. Anyway, I don’t feel like a piece of my family puzzle is missing anymore. I’ve always got my ace friends: Red, Miss Green, Blue and Crispy.

OK, gotta run! Red wants me to organise his CD collection by colour. Yesterday it was by starting letter. Fun game!

Catch ya,


We've Escaped!!!

MM_hang _glider V2

Great News EVERYONE!

We’ve escaped from the Lost Tribe. Now, to be honest, I’m going to take some responsibility for getting us into this mess. Red says I’m totally responsible, but, yeah, we’re all safe now. And, as Miss Green pointed out, we’ve all got a great story to tell now (and, for some, a great tan).

So we’ve been taken by the wind on this weird hand glider thing made of bamboo and palm leaves. Who knew Red was so good with a hammer… Crispy mentioned something about a nightmare he once had with Red and a hammer, but that’s a different story. Gotta go, my turn to keep on the lookout for incoming birds. I got one stuck in my eye yesterday. Anyhow that’s another story in itself.



They’re cannibals!!!! I just met my dear old Great Uncle Yellow! He was hanging from a tree, all shrunken. They shrunk his head, which is his body. OMG, the Lost Tribe of M&M’s® are cannibals! They want to eat us! This is soooo scary! (Although, it’s nice to know we’re still irresistible.) Ahhhhhhhh!

They have their eyes on my Nut

Yellow _stare

They keep looking at me funny. It must be their custom. The big Yellow one seems slower. I like him. Anyway, it’s nice to finally meet them all. I never knew there were so many. I think they’re my cousins. The yellow ones seem to have some sort of unspoken connection with me. Red said that we have one brain between us. That’s nice. 


My Tribal Family, Here We Come!

I have my Great Uncle Yellow’s map, an airfare and a bunch of good friends. We’re off to meet our ancestors, the M&M’S® Lost Tribe!

We’re on our way to the airport, to fly to the Big Apple, because that’s where Great Uncle Methusius Yellow started his search for the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. From there, we will try and retrace his footsteps to find the Lost Island! It’s soooo exciting.

Crispy’s a little nervous. I had to put him in my backpack. Red is singing ‘Leaving on a jetplane’. Blue is texting his agent, Marty. Miss Green is doing her imaginary hair because she says she always likes to look good for ‘her’ people at the departure lounge.

We’re finally going in search of the M&M’S® Lost Tribe. Yippeeee.

I found more M&M’S Lost Tribe stuff

Wow everyone, I have some more big news. I was sent the original map, and journal of Great Uncle Yellow’s expedition to find the Lost Tribe of M&M’S®. I put them here so you can see it too.

It’s so exciting. It makes me want to get a boat and go find the M&M’S® Lost Tribe myself. This map looks pretty good. Um, I’m not very good with boats. And I’m not very good at finding most things, like socks, roads or Miss Green. But I’m pretty sure they’d love to see some more family.

I wonder what they eat?


Uh-Oh. I lost the artefacts

So, ah, well I have some good news and some bad news… The bad news is, I kinda, well, I sorta, well… I lost the M&M’S® Lost Tribe artefacts that Dr Schmeckleton gave me.

Um, I think I left ‘em somewhere, after I packed them up at the Fracture Gallery...

Sooo where are the artefacts!

Hello friends,

Ummm, ah, as you may know I went to Dr J R Schmeckleton’s house the other day. He told me some great stories about how my Great Uncle Yellow went on an expedition to find his ancestors… that means they’re OUR ANCESTORS!!! Anyway, you won’t believe this but the M&M’S®  Lost Tribe really do exist. I’m sure of it now...

Dr Schmeckleton Gave Me the Artefacts!


Good afternoon everybody!

Hey, do you all remember that email I got from Dr. JR Schmeckleton? Well… I went to visit him this afternoon to have a look at his collection of M&M’S® Lost Tribe artefacts! And guess what? He’s given them to me! Yeah…. They’re AMAZING! So I am going to bring them back and put them in the Fracture Gallery in Federation Square in Melbourne on Monday morning, so you can all have a look at them. But in the mean time, here is a pic of the mask he’s given me! This is soooo awesome.

By the way, Dr JR Schmeckleton’s house smells a little bit like moth balls… But I don’t see any moths… I wonder why that might be???